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From Backpack to Briefcase

Photo Grad Student

National Protocol is proud to offer two programs that have been remarkably successful in the university community. Social Strategies for Success in Business and Dining with Distinction will prepare your students with the confidence to not only meet but to exceed the expectation in today’s workplace. It is no longer sufficient to have a good attitude, a top notch education and expertise in one’s field. Today, a good attitude is expected and an excellent education is only your entry ticket to a job. Your students now need a fourth element, Business Etiquette.

In addition to academic acumen, these skills serve to round out your students. The end result is that your university is recognized as one who has gone "above and beyond" the norm to prepare your students for success in the search for a job. Employers want these soft skills. You will produce competent individuals who are an asset in the workforce and an ambassador for you school.

Your students can bridge the gap between
Academic Success and Professional Excellence!
Understanding the Place Setting
Using Silverware with Finesse
Mastering Continental & American Styles
Managing Difficult-to-Eat Foods
Being a Gracious Host/Guest
Dining with Style at the Business Lunch
        - Introductions
        - Table Conversation
        - Business Card Etiquette
  Greetings, Handshakes, Introductions
Interviewing Skills
Seminar Savvy
Business Card Know-how
Power Dining
E-mail and Telephone Etiquette
Small Talk/Super Talk
Technology Etiquette
Cross-Cultural Training
           - All Countries


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"Michele Pollard Patrick – National Protocol. She is terrific – we schedule our events around her availability. Worth every $ compared to others."

Mike Eisenman, Director of the School of Business Career Services Center at Virginia Commonwealth University

Athena, Associate Athletic Director
American University, Washington, DC


Michele "hanging out" with the Hofstra
University Basketball Team following
their Dining Etiquette training

A Sampling of Clients
Duke University
Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Business
Johns Hopkins Undergraduate School of Business
Georgetown Univ, McDonough School of Business
George Washington University
University of MD, Graduate School of Business
University of MD, Undergraduate School of Business
The American University
Rutgers University
College of William and Mary
Howard University
Gallaudet University
  Long Island University
Rider University
Bryn Mawr College
Viginia Commonwealth University
Villanova University
Hofstra University
Capital College
Goucher College
University of Virginia Development Staff
The Black Business Student Association
Latino American Student Association
U of MD Post Baccalaureate Scholastic Program

Student Testimonials

“Ms. Pollard Patrick is very patient and clear in her presentation. She is passionate about her subject. These skills are important to an engineer who thinks and acts mathematically. I am grateful to have these ‘soft skills’ that will increase my opportunities in the business world.”
Masters in Engineering Management
Duke University

“I wish I had this course sooner. I interned for Deloitte and Touche this past summer where I had the opportunity to go out to lunches and dinner often. I realize now that I wasn’t the most gracious diner. Thankfully I am now prepared to dine with ease and confidence knowing I will not offend anyone.”
Johns Hopkins University
"My parents were amazed when I told them the things I learned in this class. Some believe schools only teach theory and textbook examples . . .these skills are life skills and many businesses are looking for these professional skills in college graduates."
Georgetown University


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