International Protocol

Michele Patrick and The Director of Protocol for the U.S. Treasury at the G7 Conference, April, 2008.
Michele Pollard Patrick and
The Director of Protocol for the
U.S. Treasury at the G7 Conference,
April, 2008.

Michele Pollard Patrick is a certified Protocol Officer and trusted advisor to corporations, law firms, government agencies and individuals on matters of protocol when dealing with international clients and situations. Her expertise was utilized at President Bush's First Candlelight Dinner and Inaugural Ball. Most recently she assisted the Protocol Office at the U.S. Department of Treasury during the Strategic Economic Discourse II with Madam Wu and 27 Minister of China. In addition Michele appeared on Fox Morning News to discuss and advise on the protocol of meeting Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the United States.

Let Michele prepare you to entertain and do business with your international. clients. Travel confidently to other countries and conduct yourself diplomatically under the coaching and training of Ms. Patrick. She can assist you in learning to apply protocol formulas in the most complex or critical situations.

The Situation: One of the partners in your firm is going to China to meet with a potential client. He is taking a gift for the CEO. It is an expensive pen...

Is it acceptable to bring a gift?
If yes, is this an appropriate gift?
How and when should it be presented?
How do you greet the Chinese?
What are successful negotiating techniques in China

Build lasting relationships and enhance your business by understanding and respecting other cultures. Become familiar with:

  • The Master Protocol Process
  • Functional Business Protocol
  • Order of Precedence
  • Strategic Seating
  • Title and Forms of Address
  • International and Military Protocol
  • Flag and Logo Etiquette
  • Gift Giving
  • Cultural Awareness and Differences

Let Michele Pollard Patrick prepare you to engage in international business with confidence and diplomacy.



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Michele is interviewed on Fox 5 news
in regards to proper Protocol for the
Queen's visit to America.
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Michele Assisted the Ryder Cup Committee with respect to proper International Protocol for the opening and closing ceremonies

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