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Video Testimonials

  Janine Driver, President and CEO of   "The Body Language Institute"
    Dr. Richard Kay, Vice President of CEO Space


Other Testimonials

Boat America Corporation

"Being the Director of the Human Resources Department, it is wonderful for me to see the enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence that our employees brought back after completing their training with Michele and that they still comment on their appreciation for having had such a wonderful opportunity. I have no doubt that this was the best investment we could have made to help prepare our employees in their career growth and this training is now serving them well…"

Evelyn Matey
Senior Vice President/
Director of Human Resources

Clark Construction Company

"Your Session was a huge success and we received excellent feedback from our program participants. We hope we have and opportunity to work with you in the future."

Ann Lamson

Merrill Lynch

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation . . . . . .your presentation helped alleviate all of that tension and provided a wealth of
much needed knowledge and humor."

Keith Uklist
VP of Equity Sales Training

Johns Hopkins Uninversity

"You managed our inquisitive attendees with style, finesse, and humor. Their level of engagement is a true testament to you. Everyone in the room gained the skill and confidence to attend their next interview, networking event, or office party. All the participants walked away with invaluable information. It truly was a fabulous evening. I hope you will
join un in the future."

Minda Heyman

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