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Project the proffessional in you


Education, experience and intelligence are no longer sufficient to succeed in life today. The years you have spent honing your job skills must now be enhanced with Business Etiquette and International Protocol. Act now to prevent lost opportunities by adopting the social strategies that add professional polish and confidence to your persona.

National Protocol provides training seminars to meet the needs of corporations, universities, and individuals who want to enhance their skill set with the social strategies that ensure success.

Michele provides training workshops and seminars to corporate and government executives and their staff on interpersonal skills that instill confidence and project professionalism.

Michele is the "go to" professional for colleges and universities who want to ensure the success of their graduates as they transition from "Backpack to Briefcase".

Let us assist you in achieving the professional polish to engage with anyone, anywhere!

ABOUT Michele

Michele Pollard Patrick is a certified Protocol Officer, professional image coach and has been a business etiquette consultant to corporate clients since 1989. She brings in depth knowledge to her seminar presentations, and is recognized as an expert in the field of business etiquette and protocol. Michele is the founder of National Protocol, Ltd, a multilevel training organization based in Washington, D.C. Included in her list of private clients are some of Washington's most prominent figures.

How I Can Help You

Dining with distiction

Dining is more than eating. It is an experience that showcases your confidence, your poise and your culture.  It is an opportunity to engage, to lead and to excel. Take your seat at the table with confidence. Build rapport as you break bread with others. Dine as they do. Choose American, Continental, Asian or all three.  Hone your dining skills, your conversational aptitude and your ability to handle others.

networking know-how

Learn to navigate the networking reception. Project confidence and authority. Communicate with a purpose. Articulate  clearly what you can do for others  and know what they can do for you. Discover the body language and verbal techniques to enter a group with ease and exit the group with assurance.  Build relationships that work for you. Set your goals and get what you came for!

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