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Each seminar will be presented with a multi-disciplined approach to learning that will
encompass all learning styles.  The trainings are instructor led with ample opportunity for attendee participation. 


Power point, video, case studies, games, role plays, “hands on” activities  and Q&A sessions may be included. There will be prizes too!

international protocol

Conduct business overseas successfully. Learn the nuances of other cultures. Receive international guests  with confidence and aplomb. What is the appropriate greeting in Japan? What does "on time" mean in the Middle East. Is it appropriate to bring a gift  to China? How does one dress doing business in India? Prevent inadvertently  offending people and experience international success. Learn the nuances of other cultures so you can prevent inadvertently offending people and experience international success.

boardroom body language

Even before you open your mouth, you send nonverbal messages with your body . Learn the gestures that exude confidence and command respect. Influence decisions with facial signals. Eliminate seventeen movements that make you unappealing to others. Learn to read  the body language of others so you can  interpret their intent before it is expressed. Know that you have sealed the deal even before signatures are placed on the dotted line.

social strategies for success

Corporate etiquette is a requirement for success in the current business climate. As you negotiate your way to the top, you will be judged not only on your production record but on your confidence and poise in dealing with those around you. Own the introduction, know the hierarchy of introductions, use the proper honorific, give a memorable handshake, follow the rules of professional emails, distribute business cards  judiciously, and never forget to send the all important thank you note.

professional dress

No matter how successful a person may be, if a businessman or woman shows up dressed inappropriately, it can stall his/her career forever. The way you dress sends a very powerful message. Be certain the message you send is favorable. When you dress professionally it says that you are someone who wants to be taken seriously and this equates with success. In this course, an overview of the business wardrobe and how it affects performance, perception and presentation will be discussed. The participants will learn how to strike a balance between their own “personal look” and the requirements of the corporate culture they work within. In the end they will know what to wear, what not to wear and how and when to wear it.

From Backpack to Briefcase

It is no longer sufficient to have  a top notch education, expertise in your field and a good attitude. Employers want applicants to have the soft skills. Give your students the competitive  edge by  offering three very successful university programs: Dining with Distinction, Networking Know-How and Social Strategies in Business. As a result, you will produce competent individuals who are an asset in  the work force and an ambassador for your school.


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