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Bank of America

"Valerie and Michele led an inspirational session with our summer interns on how to project       confidence at work. Valerie laid the foundation for interacting and exuding confidence at the boardroom table, while Michele walked us through the etiquette at the dining table – spanning Asian to Western cuisine. Highly recommend this training to prepare individuals for success when it comes to navigating subtle cues and social situations in the business world."

Alicia Burke

Senior Vice President

Venable, LLC

" For one, the summer associates made quite an impact at our Executive Board dinner. So much so, more than a few partners, suggested training for all of our partners - not just the summer group. The program also instilled the confidence our budding young lawyers needed as they begin networking and start to build their law practices and career."

Andrew Hales

Senior Director

Professional Development

Venable LLP

Merrill Lynch

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation . . . . . .your presentation helped alleviate all of that tension and provided a wealth of much needed knowledge and humor."

Keith Uklist
VP of Equity Sales Training

Boat America Corporation

"Being the Director of the Human Resources Department, it is wonderful for me to see the enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence that our employees brought back after completing their training with Michele and that they still comment on their appreciation for having had such a wonderful opportunity. I have no doubt that this was the best investment we could have made to help prepare our employees in their career growth and this training is now serving them well…"

Evelyn Matey
Senior Vice President
Director of Human Resources

Washington Speakers Bureau


"I have received unsolicited positive feedback from so many attendees. As I mentioned before, only trainers of the highest caliber can impress our employees, Thank you for doing such a wonderful and professional training session."




Stacy Holst

Human Resources Director 

Washington Speakers Bureau


Johns Hopkins University

"You managed our inquisitive attendees with style, finesse, and humor. Their level of engagement is a true testament to you. Everyone in the room gained the skill and confidence to attend their next interview, networking event, or office party. All the participants walked away with invaluable information. It truly was a fabulous evening. I hope you will join us in the future."

Minda Heyman

Career Services

Johns Hopkins  University

Clark Construction Company

"Your Session was a huge success and we received excellent feedback from our program participants. We hope we have and opportunity to work with you in the future."

Ann Lamson

Director of Human Resources

Clark Construction Group LLC

Virginia Commonwealth University


"Michele Pollard Patrick- National Protocol - She is terrific. We schedule our events around her availability Worth every $ compared to others" 




Mike Eisenman


School of Business

Career Services Center 

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